Towngate Framing

Towngate Framing revels in framing the unusual and quirky items as well as the more traditional framing work. We take in restoration work, take pride in our conservation framing and thoroughly enjoy the designing of the frames and mounts for the many different items we have brought into us from as far away as London, North Devon and the Midlands.

We understand how important the frame is to enhance the picture or item being framed but we also understand that the frame must be humble to the image or item and not detract from its importance, it is a fine art the professional picture framer must learn and we fully appreciate how much it can mean to a client to get it wrong. We will happily colour co-ordinate the framed work with the clients' decor and advise on the best ways to display artwork and protect it from fading and the ravages of time. At Towngate Framing we also have a studio that specializes in the repair, and re-printing of old photographs and the printing and stretching of canvases for our clients. The largest to date is a 5.7metres x 1 meter canvas for a local hotel bar and restaurant.

Overall we like to feel that we help our clients to enjoy their visit to our workshops when they bring their special items to us and we so enjoy giving them a framed item that they will have pleasure from and treasure for many years.

There are many different aspects to picture framing. There is the initial artwork and then how it is framed, the colours involved to help the artwork work in the environment that you are going to place it, on top of this there are also the materials that are used to frame the piece. With various levels of framing comes a wide variety of materials that can be used. We have provided some additional information on our Framing Materials page.